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Anderson Silva’s First Words After Finding Out He Failed Drug Test

Above video shows footage of MMA legend Anderson Silva first finding out that he failed his UFC 183 pre-fight drug test.

When episode three of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 4 aired on Sunday night, MMA fans saw an even deeper look at the reaction of Anderson Silva to the news that he failed his pre-fight drug test leading up to his January scrap with Stockton bad-boy Nick Diaz at UFC 183.

Fans all saw behind-the-scenes footage of Silva’s initial reaction to finding out he failed his UFC 183 drug test [WATCH HERE] when a video preview aired to promote the third episode of TUF: Brazil 4, however when the show itself aired, we got a more intimate look into Silva’s handling of the situation.

Silva, who tested positive for two banned substances before the January fight with Diaz, had just finished working out with his fighters on the TUF: Brazil 4 reality show when he received a call from one of his longtime managers, Ed Soares, who had the unfortunate task of delivering “The Spider” the bad news.

“What? What do you mean? No, no, no, I didn’t take anything. I didn’t take any of this! What I took was a shot of anti-inflammatory. No, man. F*ck. I’m telling you, man,” Silva said to Soares before hanging up the phone.

The former UFC Middleweight Champion then sought out his conditioning coach Rogerio Camoes to inform him of the news.

“They said I failed the doping test,” Silva told Camoes.

From there, Silva called back Soares and tried to get to the bottom of what to him was a very confusing situation, explaining to him that he used an anti-inflammatory called dexalgen for three days, and then told him to contact his wife and get all of the information about everything he used before his UFC 183 fight.

Silva then turned his attention back to his conditioning coach Camoes.

“I didn’t take it, master,” Silva ensured Camoes. “Are you crazy? I didn’t take anything. Do you think I’m crazy?”

Originally, “The Spider” opted not to inform his TUF: Brazil 4 students about what was going on, however when the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) pulled him from his role as coach on the show, Silva had no choice but to bring his students up to speed.

“So guys, here’s the deal,” Silva began, dreading what he was about to have to explain to a group full of UFC hopefuls looking to be where Silva is at one day.

“I just got caught in the doping exam,” Silva said. “The commission decided that I have to leave the house and the team. The commission has decided to suspend me during this process.”

Silva continued, informing his students who their new coaches on the show will be, before delivering one final heart-felt speech.

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