Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Matt Hughes: “One Phone Call From Dana White And I Would Fight In UFC Again”

While talking with a German media outlet, UFC legend Matt Hughes made it clear that it wouldn’t take much at all for him to agree to make a fighting return inside the Octagon.

“For Dana White to say ‘come back’. That’s all it would take, a phone call from Dana and I would be back,” said Hughes to GroundAndPound.de.

“I’m a little old,” said Hughes. “I’m 41 years old and I’d have to be careful with my opponent, but I’m still a competitor and I’d love to get in there.”

While the former UFC Welterweight Champion has always prided himself on never calling out a specific opponent, there is one particular fighter that he has his sights set on.

“Matt Serra and I had a good match this last time and we’ve got our differences,” said Hughes. “So he’s been asking for a rematch forever and I’d give it to him if he wanted to.”

The MMA legend also shared his thoughts on the UFC status of longtime rival Georges St-Pierre, explaining why we have probably seen the last of GSP competing inside the Octagon.

“Georges last fight, he had a fight against Johny [Hendricks]. Many people think the lost that fight. I can’t see GSP coming back,” said Hughes. “The sport has kind of caught up to him a little bit and everybody gets old, as I can say that, and you’re just not what you’re used to be.”

Hughes concluded, “Why would Georges come back and face one of these younger guys that are gunning for him? Georges took a lot of punishment in that last fight of his. Why would he come back to take that punishment when he’s made probably more money than anybody in the UFC?”

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