Monday, October 3, 2022

WWE Legend Ric Flair Talks About His Daughter “Charlotte” Fighting Ronda Rousey

WWE legend Ric Flair recently spoke about the possibility of his daughter, known as “Charlotte” in WWE, fighting Ronda Rousey in an MMA match.

When asked if he is a fan of MMA, Flair responded, “I am when Brock Lesnar or Ronda Rousey [fight] otherwise I’m not.”

Flair continued, “Actually I like Jon Jones. Yea, I like him. He’s tremendous. Brock doesn’t [fight] anymore and I’m a big fan of Ronda. I think Ronda is fantastic.”

When asked if he liked the idea of having Rousey vs. Charlotte at WrestleMania, Flair instead took the opportunity to predict how his daughter would fare in an actual fight against the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

“Lets do it man, that’s what I wanna see. Charlotte’s not afraid to get in there,” said Flair.

“In all fairness, if she had a year to train, I’m not saying Ashley would win by any means, but if she had a year to get ready for it, it wouldn’t end in round 1,” he continued. “I’ll predict that. It wouldn’t be a 14 second tap out. Ashley would need to learn submission wrestling but Ashley is strong beyond belief. Today, think about it right, she could do 30 front handed pull ups and 100 push ups. She can run at level 9 for an hour on a treadmill and she weights 155 lbs with 3 percent body fat.”

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