Sunday, September 25, 2022

Bobby Lashley Talks About CM Punk Fighting For UFC

Bellator MMA and TNA star Bobby Lashley recently commented on CM Punk fighting with UFC at a Bellator Media Day event in Hollywood.

Lashley (12-2) says he thinks CM Punk should have gotten at least one MMA fight under his belt before jumping into UFC:

“I wish he can have a fight before going in there. I wish they could send him out to some jungle somewhere and put him in a cage and fight a nobody and see what he does.”

“Everybody has to have their go-to. I don’t know what his go-to is gonna be. If the water is getting deep for me, I’m gonna take somebody down. For him, you can’t just rely on your hands because there’s so many people out there that are just phenomenal with their hands. I really don’t know where he’s gonna go. That’s a tough one.”

That said, Lashley wants to see CM Punk do well, despite his inexperience.

“I hope he does well.. I know he’s at a good camp and I know the guys are saying he’s training his ass off. That’s a hard situation, because what do you do? You’ve got a guy that’s 0-0. Are you gonna bring somebody else that’s 0-0 into the UFC and give him that berth or are you gonna give him someone that’s more experienced? I hope he does well and it’s not even for the [pro] wrestling aspect. He’s going out there fighting and sticking his neck on the line, so I hope he does well.”

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