Sunday, September 25, 2022

Joe Rogan Predicts Jail Time For Jon Jones, Says He May Have Brain Damage

Many fans have shared their take on the Jon Jones hit-and-run incident, however it is UFC color commentator Joe Rogan who recently introduced a completely original theory on what is going on.

Rogan spoke about the Jones situation on his latest podcast, predicting that the now former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion will be going to jail.

“Jon Jones is likely going to jail,” Rogan said. “Hit and run. Crashed into a pregnant woman, allegedly, I should say. Broke her arm. She was rushed to the hospital, but pregnant, which has got to be terrifying for her. To be in a car crash and smashed by a guy who runs a red light and then flees the scene of the crime.”

Rogan continued, “He disappeared, for like 24 hours at least. Probably even more. A couple days, I think he disappeared for. Obviously, the speculation would be that [Jones] was on something that he would worried about being tested for for 24 hours or 48 hours or whatever it was.”

It was at this point that the longtime UFC announcer introduced a new theory to describe why Jones may have done what he did — brain damage.

“This should be really clear,” said Rogan. “I am, without a doubt, not trying to let [Jones] off the hook. What he did was horrible. If it was someone in my family that he hit with that car I would be unbelievably furious. I’m incredibly disappointed in him. I think the UFC absolutely did the right thing in stripping him of his title. I think law enforcement is going to do the right thing by putting him in jail. They’re going to. You can’t do that.

“You can’t hit someone with a car and leave the scene of the crime. It is a crime, but there are things that people do because they have brain damage. That’s where the real question comes up. Obviously they’re responsible ultimately for their own actions, but what is it that’s responsible for making them do that action?”

Rogan continued, “If the brain is getting damaged and if we have proven that some of the issues with people that have brain damage is impulse control you’ve got to wonder when you see fighters do wild, crazy s**t, how much of that is due to getting bonked in the f***ing head all the time?”

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