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Video: Bobby Lashley vs. Dan Charles Full Fight Video Highlights

Watch Bobby Lashley vs. Dan Charles full fight video highlights from Friday’s Bellator 138: “Unfinished Business” event in St. Louis, Missouri above.

Courtesy of Bellator MMA, above is a full fight video highlight of one of the featured bouts from Friday’s event, which aired live and free on Spike TV.

For those who missed the show, you can check out the highlights of the finish above, or read our play-by-play results of the fight below.

UPDATE: For those of you who missed the main event of the Bellator 138 show, click here: VIDEO: Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice Full Fight Video Highlights

Bobby Lashley (239 lbs.) vs. Dan Charles (228 lbs.)

Round 1: Alright folks, the pre-taped preliminary bout from earlier in the show has finished. After some promotional video packages, we shoot back live to the cage. Out first fighter making his way out to the Bellator cage is the man who is replacing the originally scheduled James Thompson, Dan Charles. His opponent for tonight, part-time pro wrestler from TNA Wrestling (and formerly WWE) and part-time MMA fighter (most recently with Bellator MMA) Bobby Lashley makes his way out to a nice reaction from the St. Louis audience.

The bell sounds and it’s Lashley who comes out pushing the action and forcing Charles to back and circle. Within seconds, Lashley shoots in with a fast takedown. He gets it. Charles, however, pops back up just moments later. Charles throws a sloppy flying knee that doesn’t do much — if any — damage. Lashley gets Charles’ back against the cage and takes him right back down. If the fights goes at this page for the next two-and-a-half rounds, we’re looking at a long night. Lashley scoop-slams Charles down with another powerful takedown.

Lashley has Charles stuck against the cage now and is working some knees. Charles uses the cage to get back to his feet, so Lashley starts slamming his knees into the thighs of Charles. Lashley hoists Charles way up in the air and slams him down. He goes to do it again once Charles pops back up, but this time Charles avoids being slammed down. Lashley could be using a lot of unnecessary energy by constantly powering Charles up and slamming him down repeatedly. Time will tell, but thus far, Lashley is completely dominating the action, although it hasn’t been the most exciting fight thus far.

Lashley hoists Charles up and again slams him back down to the mat with force. If this fight somehow makes it to the third round, we’ll see how Lashley’s cardio has — or has not — improved, as he is using a lot of unnecessary energy here in the first round. With ten seconds left, Lashley tries to pick him up and slam him again but Charles avoids it. That will end the round. MMANews.com scores the round 10-9 for Bobby Lashley.

Round 2: The secound round begins much the same way round one did, with Lashley simply rag-dolling Charles all over the place. The second Lashley gets a hold of Charles, he — in old Quinton “Rampage” Jackson PRIDE days — is using a ton of energy to scoop his opponent up and use a ton of energy to slam him down — over and over (and over …and over …and over) again.

Finally, Lashley has Charles against the cage and is working some ground and pound. Charles works his way back up so within seconds, Lashley scoops him up and slams him down yet again. Not a lot to cover here, as the entire fight has looked completely and totally identical thus far. Lashley uses a ton of energy to pick up Charles and slams him down. Charles then finds a way to get back to his feet, so Lashley hoists him up and power-slams him back down. That has been the entire fight from the word “go.”

The ref is taking a close look now as Lashley works some ground and pound, although it’s not like it’s vicious shots or anything, but I guess the referee finally saw enough so he called it off. Not an impressive performance by Lashley at all, unless you consider an enormous wrestler take someone down over and over and over and over and over again.

Bobby Lashley def. Dan Charles via TKO (strikes) at 4:14 of Round 2.

For complete round-by-round results of the entire event, click here: Bellator 138 Results – Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice

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