Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Conor McGregor Gets Into Altercation With Urijah Faber On Set Of TUF

McGregor continued, “Yet, you have supposed veterans and professionals of the game, or experts, speaking about a full camp. It just made me realize how many bums and rookies there really are in this game. They can’t understand that they have never seen clean body-shooting before like they saw in that fight. Myself and Chad understand where he was at in that position. He was shut down and he was broke.”

Finally, the mega Irish star spoke about the UFC‘s rumored plans to have his title unification bout with Aldo co-headline a stadium show in Texas, alongside a rumored Ronda Rousey vs. Miesha Tate trilogy fight.

“There are a couple dates and venues in the line,” said McGregor. “I believe [UFC brass] are heading out to Brazil to speak with Jose. For me, he is having a breakdown. I said this before. He’s looking for his exit from the game. The injury was an opportunity to delay the inevitable so he took it. Make no mistake, when UFC 189 was playing he was under his duvet praying that Chad Mendes would get the win.

“Him and his whole team were praying for that victory so they would not have to face me. I ran out and butchered Chad’s body in the knowledge that Jose would be looking with his sore ribs. I just see a fighter who has broke. I hope we can get him to show up, but we will see. All I know is what I knew July 11. I will be there and I will be victorious.”

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