Saturday, November 27, 2021

Michael Bisping Disses Frankie Perez For Retiring, Dominick Cruz Takes Shot At Bisping

Frankie Perez looked truly impressive in knocking out UFC veteran Sam Stout in under a minute at UFC Fight Night 74 on Saturday night, however his decision to retire immediately after the fight seemed to really get under the skin of UFC contender Michael Bisping for some reason.

During the FOX Sports 1 post-fight show, Bisping, serving as a guest FOX Sports analyst, decided to take a shot at Perez’s manhood for retiring after a big knockout victory.

“No offense to Frankie Perez, because I don’t know the guy,” Bisping started. “But if he retired after knocking someone out on his 2nd UFC win, I would say he hasn’t got the cojones to really be in this sport.”

“It’s a tough sport,” he continued. “He said he is sick of what it does to his body. He’s sick of feeling like this. Well guess what, this sport isn’t designed for everybody, and if you don’t enjoy it, yeah, step away! Step away and let the real men do it.”

Former UFC Champion Dominick Cruz, who was also serving as a FOX Sports analyst on Sunday night, took exception to Bisping’s comments.

“I don’t know when to call for someone to quit,” said Cruz. “Nobody has that right. Sometimes it takes more cojones to stop yourself than to keep going, and that’s something Michael Bisping can learn about from Perez.”

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