Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Steve Austin & Chael Sonnen Discuss Dana White’s “Fake” Pro Wrestling Controversy

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is an admitted hardcore MMA fan, however what does the WWE Hall Of Famer think about UFC President Dana White‘s recent “fake” pro wrestling comments?

Austin, a legend in the pro wrestling world who has often talked about his love for the sport of MMA, interviewed former UFC title contender and announcer for the upstart pro wrestling promotion Global Force Wrestling (GFW), Chael Sonnen, and the two discussed White’s “f-word” controversy.

Austin spoke to Sonnen about balancing MMA and pro wrestling if he were to return to active MMA competition when his NAC suspension is up, as he could potentially be doing both due to his gig with GFW.

“I don’t think they conflict,” said Austin when asking how Dana White would react to Sonnen wanting to do both. “But Dana [White] just put himself …you know, he said wrestling is fake. He put a couple of tweets out there. I thought it was just his version of saying [pro wrestling] is a “work” [scripted form of entertainment].”

Austin continued, “I don’t take it that he’s a big fan of pro wrestling so to me maybe because he’s the guy that runs the UFC with the Fertitta brothers that, you know, maybe in his mind those two worlds don’t mix, or they mix like oil and water. That being said, one of the biggest stars in his company — Ronda Rousey — is a huge fan of pro wrestling, and she even participated in an event not too long ago, so it’ll be interesting to see how you play those cards.”

From there, the two would talk about how MMA fighters are actually fans of pro wrestling, and vice-versa, along with a number of other noteworthy topics.

You can listen to Chael Sonnen’s full appearance on the “Steve Austin Show: Unleashed” podcast at PodcastOne.com.

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