Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Urijah Faber Tells Story Of Recent Conor McGregor/T.J. Dillashaw Pull-Apart

While Urijah Faber readily admits he has a goofy relationship with fellow Ultimate Fighter coach Conor McGregor, he is also quick to point out that McGregor’s recent run-ins with fellow Team Alpha Male member T.J. Dillashaw take on a different tone.

“The California Kid” recently spoke about the dynamic between McGregor and Dillashaw during his appearance on Submission Radio.

When asked if his teammate, UFC Bantamweight Champion T.J. Dillashaw would have a chance against the bigger, UFC Interim Featherweight Champion McGregor, Faber responded, “Oh of course he would have a shot. I mean here’s the honest truth, Conor McGregor is very good, TJ Dillashaw is very good,” Faber said. “When you look at different factors, here’s something that’s for sure. Conor is a much bigger guy than TJ, TJ is a much faster guy than McGregor, and speed is an important thing. Conor’s not slow, but TJ is much smaller. He’s not a huge for the weight class, TJ. So on top of his striking ability and the ability to wrestle – ’cause he’s a lifetime wrestler. His Dad was an All-American wrestler, his brothers are wrestlers. TJ is a more well-rounded fighter. I mean the x-factor there again comes into the power. Conor is a big, big guy for the weight class, but I mean this is the era to be seeing fights like that. And as far as money goes and getting a fight that would really showcase TJ, I think that’s a great fight as well.”

Faber would go on to elaborate on some of the interaction McGregor and Dillashaw have had, and explains how it’s different from his own relationship with “The Notorious” one.

“It’s funny ’cause Conor and I have been around each other and have an interesting relationship, but him and T.J. on two different occasions have gotten into it with things escalating to, you know, them kind of bad mouthing each other,” said Faber. “So there’s a little tension there as well and I think that’s a good fight the fans would love to see.”

Faber continued, “One time TJ and Conor and I in the back of the Ronda Rousey fight in LA, we were in just a private little bar with celebrities and the UFC brass and words were exchanged, and TJ was talking about Conor’s title shot and Conor went back and forth and they were getting on each other’s nerves, really. So I think they ended up having to be split up a little bit.”

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