Saturday, November 27, 2021

Video: Brock Lesnar On Dana White’s “Fake” Comments, Says Vince McMahon Is Better

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Tuesday morning, and while the conversation was mostly about his current work in WWE, UFC did come up, as Lesnar gave his take on Dana White‘s controversial “fake” pro wrestling comments, and had some comments for Dana that he probably won’t enjoy.

Lesnar, who is one of the unique figures who can talk from both sides of the sport, as he has been a champion in the UFC and in WWE, was pretty blunt with his response.

Lesnar said “of course it’s fake, everybody knows that.” He mentioned, however, that Dana White is still promoting the same thing that WWE is promoting. Lesnar says it just so happens that WWE gets more longevity out of their fighters. He says if you can’t turn WWE on Monday nights and can’t get entertainment out of the show, something’s wrong with you. Lesnar called it the same “racket.”

Lesnar believes Vince McMahon may be better than Dana and that may rub Dana the wrong way. Lesnar says Vince is a pioneer and is damn good at what he does.

The official SportsCenter Twitter page has picked up on the “Vince is better than Dana” comments from Lesnar, as you can see by the following tweet they posted shortly after the interview.

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