Saturday, November 26, 2022

WWE Legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Defends Dana White’s “Fake” Pro Wrestling Comments

“Is it fake? It’s predetermined,” said Austin. “It’s a work! So I don’t think [White] meant any disrespect to the business because I’ll say this, Daniel [Cormier]: I’ll take you, I’ll take Jon Jones, I’ll take the heavyweight champion of the world, I’ll take the bantamweight champion of the world, I’ll take any of you guys who want to go on the road for two years and be on the road for 250 days and go through that grind and you’ll never say ‘fake’, but what you will say, ‘It’s tough as hell!’
He continued:

“Fake, Dana? Not so much. A work? Yes, and I’m not saying that to put Dana on blast because I love him, I love the UFC, and he has always treated me well and always got me tickets when I got to see you fight in [Las] Vegas, so he’s always taken care of me but I think he does respect the business, and, hell, one of his biggest draws [Brock Lesnar] came from the world of pro wrestling.”

To listen to the full interview with Daniel Cormier you can do so at this link.

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