Monday, May 23, 2022

Ronda Rousey Reacts To Beyoncé Toronto Concert Shout-Out

Ronda Rousey recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Beyoncé playing her already infamous “Do Nothing B*tch” speech during a recent concert in Toronto.

“To be honest, it’s a honor to have a real powerhouse of a woman like Beyoncé just recognize my existence,” Rousey said. “It’s surreal how something I thought was a pre-fight rant in my hotel room that would end up scrapped on some editor’s floor has taken off to the point a cultural icon like Beyoncé is playing it between songs at her concert.”

Rousey concluded, “Such a huge compliment, I couldn’t be more grateful.”

You can watch footage of Beyoncé playing the “DNB” speech at her Toronto concert by clicking here.

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