Video: Dana White Talks Nearly Getting Into Physical Altercation With Josh Koscheck

UFC President Dana White is known for talking the talk, however when speaking with Colin Cowherd this week, he admitted that there have been times where his fighters nearly make him walk the walk.

White told a story about his rocky relationship with Josh Koscheck, who left the company and signed with Bellator MMA, calling White the Fertitta’s “errand b*tch” on the way out.

According to the UFC President, a couple of weeks ago, things between he and Koscheck nearly turned physical.

“Listen, I’m not trying to run around and get into physical confrontations with the guys, but yeah, I’ve had plenty of cases where the guys are like, ‘How ’bout I come over there and kick your ass?’ I could give you a lot [of examples]. Phil Baroni. Phil Baroni and I had a really good one.”

White continued, “Josh Kocheck and I had a really good one a couple weeks ago. When you’re the boss of 600 ultimate fighters, you know. Guys have threatened to get physical many times, but, you know, we work it out.”

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