Friday, December 3, 2021

17 Additional Fighters Released From UFC

It was reported last week after five fighters announced that they were released from the UFC, that the promotion was actually looking to clean house in terms of their roster, with up to 50 fighters rumored to be on the chopping block. On Monday, 17 more fighters got axed.

According to UFC Fighters Info, the following fighters have been cut from the UFC roster:

– Ivan Jorge (Lightweight)
– Francisco Trevino (Lightweight)
– Pawel Pawlak (Welterweight)
– Hernani Perpetuo (Welterweight)
– Vagner Rocha (Lightweight)
– David Michaud (Lightweight)
– Chris Clements (Welterweight)
– Luke Zachrich (Middleweight)
– Soa Palelei (Heavyweight)
– Naoyuki Kotani (Lightweight)
– Amir Sadollah (Welterweight)
– Roger Narvaez (Middleweight)
– TJ Waldburger (Welterweight)
– William Macario (Welterweight)
– Eddie Gordon (Middleweight)
– Matt Van Buren (Light Heavyweight)
– Leonardo Mafra (Lightweight)
– Christos Giagos (Lightweight)
– Ron Stallings (Middleweight)
– Roger Zapata (Welterweight)
– Joe Merritt (Welterweight)
– Lewis Gonzalez (Welterweight)

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