Saturday, November 27, 2021

Jon Jones Getting Glowing Reviews For His Recent Court-Ordered Community Service With Kids

When it comes to court-ordered community service — much like his victories inside the Octagon — Jon Jones makes it look simple.

TMZ Sports is reporting that Jones has made a sizeable dent in his 72 required appearances to speak to kids groups, part of the consequences of his hit-and-run incident in New Mexico earlier this year.

Regarding his appearances with the various kids groups thus far, most of the organizations involved have had nothing but high praise when speaking about the UFC star.

Jones was able to make five different appearances on Thursday alone, to rave reviews from directors who run the organizations. Jones spoke with children about how he almost lost his career over a few bad choices while at Sandia Prep School.

The coach at the school spoke with reporters saying, “His message to my team was simply awesome. His whole demeanor was great.” He continued, “These are young men, eighth-grade-to-seniors in high school who really look up to him and I think they learned from this and appreciated Jon’s visit. I appreciated it.”

Don Ortega confirmed Jones was equally candid with Ortega’s students at Gracie Barra New Mexico Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

“He talked about losing a lot of wrestling matches but setting his goals high and working hard to achieve them,” Ortega said.

Below is a photo from TMZ Sports that features Jon Jones with some of the kids from Sandia Prep School during one of his appearances with the many kids groups he has been meeting with.

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