Thursday, December 2, 2021

Sage Northcutt Speaks On Joining Tristar Gym After His UFC Debut

Sage Northcutt has been getting a lot of attention and praise after defeating Francisco Trevino at UFC 192 to start his UFC career. To prepare for his follow-up fight, he’s heading to Tristar Gym in Canada.

Other fighters who train with Tristar include Georges St-Pierre and Jon Jones.

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Northcutt spoke about training at the gym and living up to the hype in his second UFC bout.

“Really, I’m just going up there to check it out and see how it goes, see if it’s a fit for me, but my jiu-jitsu coach right now is Chris Mango and Ted Stickel in Gracie Barra in Katy. They’re awesome. I also have school, too, so I can’t go up there and actually live there. I’m just going to go up there for a week or so, check it out, see how it goes.”

“I always talk about how Georges St-Pierre is my favorite fighter. I look up to him, so I think it’s just perfect timing that I get to go down there and train with him and get to meet them. It’s going to be incredible. I’m just excited to see him, even if it’s one day.”

“Like my fight for UFC 192, that was the first time I truly got to train for a fight. That was incredible,” he noted. “And then my next fight I’ll have even more experience, more training. I can just keep seeing myself going up and up with the more training and technique I learn.”

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His next fight is not known at this time, but it’s very likely the UFC will have him back for another.

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