Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Bellator To Feature Kurt Angle On Commentary Tonight?

Sean Grande, the play by play announcer for Bellator MMA, tweeted this a short while ago:

That’s a not so veiled reference to 1996 Olympic freestyle gold medalist turned pro wrestling superstar Kurt Angle. He’s signed some kind of deal with Bellator and was already in St. Louis, Missouri for this week’s festivities. As much as the idea of him fighting seems farfetched, there’s clearly a much deeper relationship than just Angle signing autographs  at Bellator’s Fanfest. Tonight’s card includes Angle’s fellow TNA Impact Wrestling  roster member Bobby Lashley in action against James Thompson. It’s possible, perhaps even likely that Angle will just be sitting in with Grande and color commentator Jimmy Smith for that one fight.

If by some chance Angle were to fight, Ken Shamrock is affiliated with Bellator. By the standards of what would be considered an acceptable fight for both, they’re good choices for each other. Neither should be fighting, but they have similar injuries, especially when it comes to their necks. Angle had negotiated with MMA promotions in the past, mostly right after his 2006 firing from WWE, but he never committed to anything.

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