Monday, May 16, 2022

Dana White Reacts To Rousey-Holm Scuffle, Talks To Rousey Backstage (Photo)

Following their explosive pull-apart scuffle where punches were thrown from both sides at the UFC 193 weigh-ins today, UFC President Dana White, and the rest of the MMA community has been lighting the social media world on fire.

Within seconds of the scuffle going down, there were literally hundreds to thousands of tweets and posts on various social media accounts with everything from reaction comments, to photos, to GIFs and clips of the altercation between the two world-class female athletes on-stage at the official UFC 193 weigh-ins in Melbourne, Australia.

One of the people to sound off the quickest on social media was in fact the man who was right in the middle of the scuffle in the first place, Dana White. The UFC president posted the following reaction on his official Twitter account.

Dana White posted this special point-of-view clip of the Rousey-Holm pull apart on Twitter as well.

This one was posted on the official #UFC193 Twitter account almost immediately after the weigh-ins concluded.

Courtesy of the official UFC Instagram page, here is a photo of White talking with Rousey backstage immediately after the pull-apart went down at the weigh-ins.

To watch a complete video archive of the entire UFC 193 weigh-ins, which not only includes the Rousey-Holm scuffle in real-time with audio, but also features Rousey’s epic, emotional post-weigh-in promo on Holm, click here.

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