Saturday, November 26, 2022

Mirko Cro Cop Admits To Taking Banned Substances

Mirko Cro Cop has posted a statement on his website shedding some light on his doping suspension by UFC.

While preparing for a fight against Anthony Hamilton at UFC Fight Night 79, Cro Cop injured his shoulder and announced his retirement. However, just one day after this announcement, the UFC announced he was suspended by USADA, which has sparked speculation about what he wrote on Facebook about being injured.

Here’s what Cro Cop has to say about the suspension:

“Growth hormones are on the list of banned substances,” Cro Cop wrote in a statement on his website. “I knew that already. But there was no other way to save my shoulder–at least in my mind–without combining the blood plasma with growth hormones. Unfortunately it turns out the only cure was a good break and rest. But a desperate man will try anything.

“After 6 days of growth hormone and plasma injections, the USADA came to test me. I gave them my blood sample and urine samples and immediately told the UFC about the test. I also said that I had been taking blood plasma and growth hormone since nothing else was working. I might be the first fighter who has ever been suspended after retirement. Maybe they think it is good for them to sanction someone that is well known.”