Monday, May 23, 2022

Vitor Belfort’s Wife Says UFC’s Reebok Deal Has Cost Them Millions Of Dollars

By now, it’s no secret that UFC‘s new sponsorship deal is not a popular one among fighters, however some might be surprised to find out just how much the athletes are losing out on.

Vitor Belfort’s wife, Joana Prado, recently shed some light on the situation while talking with ESPN, as she revealed that her husband has lost out on millions of dollars because of the Reebok deal, including being pulled by Brazilian marketing agency 9ine, which represented Belfort and many other Brazilian stars.

Prado told ESPN:

“As a business woman, I understand why 9ine cut ties with the UFC. Vitor has lost millions for years because of the new sponsorship policy. Thank God he is an athlete whose reach goes beyond the cage and he has other businesses. Fighting has become a hobby, but he was harmed much like the other fighters with this new business model. We have a great relationship with Ronaldo (9ine’s owner) and all the 9ine crew. We wish them success.”

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