Saturday, November 27, 2021

WSOF Matchmaker Mired By Conflict Of Interest Accusations

Yesterday, John Nash at Bloody Elbow wrote a detailed article about the alleged conflict of interest at the center of World Series of Fighting. Specifically, the issue of whether or not Ali Abdelaziz serves as matchmaker while also serving as a manager of fighters via Dominance MMA. While references to Abdelaziz have been removed from Dominance’s website since Nash first asked about the issue, there are still traces of him there, like the Google meta descriptions for pages on the site:

In addition, Dominance fighters such as Frankie Edgar have openly referred to Abdelaziz as their manager, with Edgar doing so on The Ultimate Fighter when he brought him in as a grappling coach. Various Dominance fighters are signed with WSOF, including Bantamweight champion Marlon Moraes. To complicate matters, WSOF’s Nevada Athletic Commission paperwork lists Ray Sefo as matchmaker even though Abdelaziz is constantly put out there as the matchmaker and referred to as such in the media. This is a violation of NAC rules.

Today, the issue was complicated by these tweets from MMA journalist Mike Russell, which included screenshots purporting to show skimming as well as trading a Bellator sponsorship for a WSOF contract (as you’ll see, for one of these, I tweeted a new version myself due to a redaction issue):

Cody Bollinger claimed to have gotten a similar WSOF offer to the one that looks like it shows some kind of skimming. Abdelaziz has yet to comment on any of the allegations.

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