Editorial: McGregor’s Run Is A “Clean” One Thus Far

conor-194Ladies and gentleman! As much as you don’t want to admit it, Connor Mcgregor is that good. He is 7-0 in the UFC with 6 finishes and has not been even been remotely pushed. He has made good fighters look bad barely breaking a sweat while talking “smack” before and during the entire fight. His supreme level of performance gets overshadowed by his ultra high out of the cage mental warfare assaults on his upcoming opponents. As the number of victims rise and records are broke, so do the amount of “haters” as well. He must be doing something right.

There seems to be two categories of fans in MMA right now. One group are the believers and most of them live in Ireland or at least on the other side of the Atlantic. The rest are mostly “over here” hoping that this will all just go away soon and end. I got bad news for the second group… He is gonna be here a while.

What Mcgregor was able to accomplish last Saturday night was out of a Hollywood movie and that would have still not been realistic. He made it look easy smiling along the way with a confidence level that would make Marilyn Monroe blush. He is as brash as we have ever seen in the sport and promotes it in a way not explainable. He basically makes you say to yourself “is he serious” only after you wrap your head around his words.

Conor Mcgregor predicted the outcome as accurately as possible ending so quickly even he was a bit disappointed. So much that he was quoted as saying, “we can do it again” looking right at Aldo as John Mccarthy raised his hand in victory. He said it with a straight face for no one else to hear but Aldo knowing damn well he deserved better than what just happened.

Sometimes greatness and skill are not recognizable because it looks so effortless. Watching him dismantle Denis Siver previous to his Mendes fight was pure artistry. He did it all knowing Aldo was in the front row and his title shot was on the line. Mcgregor picked him apart and made him look like a beginner taking lessons. Siver had just taken out a very tough Charles Rosa gaining “fight of the night” along with the win via decision therefore there was no questioning his fighting level.

The 145lb division was not a division you wrote home to mom about and missing a pay per view did not cause anyone to lose sleep over but as soon as you saw Mcgregor , the perception changed. He is must watch tv and the most intriguing star to hit the scene.

He was brought into the UFC about two years ago and has only went up ascending to the top and the only reason that the UFC broke previous gate records. He was able to knock Aldo out faster than Rhonda Rousey’s previously recorded 14 second KO last year backing up each and every word he has said. It’s an amazing run that none of us will ever see again in modern mixed martial arts. To doubt him and his skill level or discredit him at this point is pure blasphemy.

When you watch this man in the the cage, you are watching a fighter using every facet of self defense including capoeira, tae Kwon do and pure European boxing. He is constantly evolving and his mind is open to learning new ways and techniques to continue his progress. He comes from all angles throwing kicks and punches with pure aggression and pin point accuracy. His athleticism is at the upper echelon to boot.

The tipping point came as he bragged and spoke about his “movement” coach making other fighters chuckle to themselves. An idea he picked up as he walked along a beach in Brazil causing him to be interested in movement of the body thus seeing it as a means to improve his overall mma game. After last Saturday, a “movement” coach is in high demand and nobody is laughing.

The bottom line is this …. He is the UFC featherweight division champion picking fights with anyone and everyone in the light weight division including both Cerrone and Dos Anjos at a press conference with Aldo looming . Mcgregor by that point had seemed to be so bored with Aldo decided to pick on guys a weight class above calling it the “stuck in the mud” division who needs him to rescue it.

It is this writers opinion he fought Mendes on a badly injured knee limiting his movement then was at full strength against Aldo. Aldo should have fought him in July for Aldo’s sake because he will never beat this run away train now. Mcgregor has too much momentum and confidence now with two huge wins on the biggest stages ever. This coupled with his “on the money” predictions makes all this just that much more freaky. Add on the bet he was willing to wager with Dana White prior to his interim title fight is just ridiculous. It was Dana who backed out of that one btw.

So basically he is as good as it gets right now. Whether you like him or not, it really does not matter because he doesn’t. It is his time now and he is calling the shots.

His toughest opponent for the next three years will be the UFC holding him back and trust me, that will be the most entertaining fight of them all.

Whether you were on the train or just hopped on like I did and admit, the “Notorious One” is here to stay. He is that good and if you don’t believe it, he will tell you himself and that is one thing I am never gonna dare do again-doubt him.

James Brasco is a world class grappler and professional MMA fighter. He is a second degree black belt in BJJ under Pablo Popovitch and will add a unique perspective for our readers from both on the mat and in the cage.

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