Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Nick Diaz: “Georges St-Pierre Was On Steroids When I Fought Him”

Nick Diaz recently appeared on Chael Sonnen’s Your Welcome podcast and made some explosive comments about steroids in the UFC. Diaz accuses “everyone” in the UFC of being on steroids, and then singled out one former opponent of his in particular.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m pretty convinced about everybody is on steroids,” Diaz said. “I mean everybody. Me and my brother, I don’t think (Frankie Edgar) is on steroids, but a lot of these guys, they’re on steroids. That stuff messes with chemicals in your head. I’m just talking (expletive) on everybody right now cause as far as I’m concerned, everybody’s on steroids.”

Diaz then turned his sights towards Georges St-Pierre, who he fought at UFC 158 for the welterweight title.

“Georges St-Pierre was on steroids when I fought him. They didn’t test us because I would have tested positive for sure,” Diaz said. “I thought it was my last fight ever. What do I care? It was almost asking too much to win and not give away that fine.”

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