Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Heath Herring Speaks On Why He Stopped Fighting After Loss To Lesnar At UFC 87

Former UFC heavyweight Heath Herring hasn’t been seen in the octagon since 2008, after a loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 87. For everyone wondering why he’s disappeared from the MMA scene, Herring gave an answer in a recent interview.

“I never actually officially retired,” Herring told Sherdog.com. “I did have a contract with UFC that expired in 2009. I’ve had several attorneys look at it; it’s well expired. They try to put clauses in there saying that you officially retired then your contract would end at that point. Which is why I never retired, I just wanted to let the contract run its time and expire.”

Herring said he’s considered fighting for the new Rizin Fighting Federation, but doesn’t think he’s in a situation to dedicate himself to fighting professionally.

“It is something I’m considering. Like anything else in life, you’ve got to move on. I’ve moved on and done some things. Obviously, fighting and training is something that I do every day. I’m not in the game. For me, I know what it takes to compete at the top level. That’s something if you’re really gonna be serious with, you have to dedicate 100 percent of your time to doing it. No, I am not in that situation at all at this point,” he said.

Herring has a record of 28-14-1.

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