Sunday, November 28, 2021

EA Sports UFC 2 Has A “Big Announcement” Coming Shortly

Something is brewing on the EA Sports UFC front, with a “big announcement” that looks to be coming this weekend. Since yesterday, the official EA Sports UFC account on Twitter has been tweeting about a special announcement coming to those who sign up for the EA Sports UFC mailing list before tomorrow:

As you can see, the tweets get more and more detailed/explicit about what’s coming each time. The widespread speculation is that signing up for the game’s mailing list in time will get you access to a beta version of the game, perhaps a multiplayer beta like many other multiplayer games do before release (THQ did one for UFC Undisputed 3 using an alpha build in 2012). This stems from the wording of the tweets, the fervor with which the dev team is encouraging fans to sign up, and whatever is going on being limited to residents of North America. At the Operation Sports forum, Geoff Harrower (GameplayDevUFC), the game’s Lead Gameplay engineer, made a point of saying that “Everyone who bought UFC 1 should sign up,” and also tweeted some cryptic messages of his own:

Game producer Jazz Brousseau also got in on the fun:

When the announcement is made, we’ll let you know about it here at And if it’s NOT a beta…what do you think it is?

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