Saturday, November 27, 2021

CM Punk Comments On Reaction From “Butt Hurt Dummies” To His UFC Video Game Character

Video game fans take their gaming seriously, folks. Look no further than the decision made by the UFC and EA Sports regarding how to handle the Phil “CM Punk” Brooks character in the new EA Sports UFC 2 game as supporting evidence.

Although the former WWE Superstar has yet to strap on his UFC gloves and enter the Octagon for the first time, the decision was made to give him an 85 out of 100 for his skill rating, something that has the MMA and gaming community up-in-arms, all-the-while Punk uses it as a way to amuse himself on social media.

Punk took to Twitter this week to address the reaction to his character in the new UFC video game, poking fun at “butt-hurt” fans for daring to take their video games seriously.

“Hey, this is cool,” wrote Punk in the first of two tweets addressing the subject on social media. “I hope it makes dummies furious.”

Little did he know how on-the-money he was going to be with that comment. Less than an hour later, Punk found out just how furious said-dummies were.

Proving he’s not uneducated when it comes to the video game world, Punk used the most obscure relatable video game reference to mock fans from the gaming community who are seemingly overreacting to the situation.

“Not since Samus Aran was revealed to be a woman have dummies been this butt hurt about a video game,” Punk wrote in his follow-up tweet, referencing a controversial character from the Metroid science-fiction game series by Nintendo.

It’s worth pointing out that EA Sports told Kotaku that Punk’s rating for the game has yet to be finalized, so if the 85 rating was released to gauge the public reaction, it appears they’ve got the feedback they were looking for.

Fans interested in the new video game can check out the official gameplay trailer for EA Sports UFC 2.

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