Opinion: Carlos Condit Will Prevail In Welterweight Title Fight At UFC 195

As I await the main event tonight, I cannot see an angle for UFC champion Robbie Lawler to retain his title and I feel strongly enough to write it.

The Lawler vs. Carlos Condit fight will be a fight for the ages. Both fighters have evolved into the top of the tough welterweight division. Lawler stopped Rory McDonald in his last fight rallying in the fifth round to Win by TKO. It was a fight he was losing 3-1 in rounds but continued to throw bombs at McDonald.

Carlos Condit comes off a spectacular submission win over ATT’s Thiago Alves looking very impressive while doing so. His striking was sharp and dangerous with a ground game second to none.

I see Condit being able to take any shots Lawler delivers while working angles and using his reach to dish out his own. If the fight goes to the ground, Condit had a decided advantage. In my opinion, it’s Condit’s time to shine and will not be denied.

Robbie Lawler has had a good run winning the title on a fight I felt he lost but was able to put such a beating on Johnny Hendricks that the judges gave him the decision. It was a decision I agreed with even though I felt he only won two rounds. Lawlor whose ferocious style and striking is a tough out but Condit will be prepared and able to weather the storm.

Jackson/WinkleJohn is hot right now following Holly Holm’s KO victory against Ronda Rousey as well. Good vibes are soaring in New Mexico.

Regardless of the outcome it will be an action packed bout with both guys willing to die in the octagon before giving up.

Follow our live UFC 195 results here at MMANews.com on Saturday evening here: UFC 195 Results – Lawler vs. Condit

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