Saturday, November 27, 2021

Video: Preview Of Dana White’s New Reality Show “Lookin’ For A Fight”

A new reality show about Dana White‘s job in the UFC will hit YouTube this month. The above trailer for Lookin’ For A Fight shows the UFC President traveling the country as he scouts MMA talent and tries to sign fights and fighters for his company. They’ll also show White checking out the respective areas’ local foods, animals, and activities with his friends, colleagues and fighters.

According to White, the first season will document him looking for opponents for former WWE star CM Punk, who still has yet to make his MMA debut. White first publicly mentioned the show in his interview with Michael Landsberg on “Off The Record” last month:

“I just started a new show, the pilot is on YouTube, it’s called Dana White: Looking for a Fight, and I’m actually out looking for opponents for CM Punk right now.”

The first season premieres on January 11th.

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