Thursday, January 27, 2022

Wanderlei Silva Retracts UFC Fight Fixing Allegations

It appears that there’s been a resolution to the UFC‘s lawsuit against Wanderlei Silva for claiming he had proof that they fix fights, as he posted an apology on his Facebook page:

Silva’s Retraction
I Was Wrong, apologize.

“In July of last year, I posted a number of comments on Facebook and Twitter, which included repeated claims that the UFC “fixed fights” and that I could “prove it.” I hereby retract any such statements in their entirety as I failed to understand that the term “fight-fixing” specifically refers to the illegal action or practice of dishonestly determining the outcome of a contest before it occurs. I understand the UFC’s reputation would be harmed if my fans and others actually believed the UFC engaged in fight fixing, and I have no evidence to support such a claim. I apologize for any misunderstanding my comments may have caused.”

Wanderlei Silva.

It certainly seems like Silva didn’t have much of a say in issuing the statement, although he did get to save a little face. His statement chalks it up to a simple misunderstanding about what the term means as opposed to any kind of admission to willfully lying.

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