Weidman Eyeing Immediate Rematch With Rockhold: Why It’s The Right Fight To Make

Former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman is asking the UFC for an immediate rematch against Luke Rockhold, the man who he lost the title to at UFC 194 in December, and after thinking it over …I agree. Considering the unimpressive controversial win by Yoel Romero over Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza, this is the only middleweight title fight that makes sense.

Weidman carried the belt for two and a half years defeating the G.O.A.T — Anderson Silva (twice), Lyoto Machida and Vitor Belfort. It was an impressive run before the hiccup in December. Rockhold was able to take advantage of an uncharacteristic spinning back kick attempt by Weidman in the third round of their UFC 194 title fight, which led to him taking Weidman’s back and ultimately led to Rockhold getting the victory and ending Weidman’s impressive title reign.

After the beat down in front of the biggest gate in UFC history, during the post-fight press conference, Rockhold complained about a staff infection that he was dealing with that slowed down his training as he was approaching the fight. He alluded to the fact that he was not at his best and still was able to finish the fight against a dominant, proven champion in impressive fashion.

Personally, I believe there is more to the story that is not being told by Weidman and his camp.

Anyone who saw the fight has said Weidman looked flat for the bout with Rockhold, and that it was interesting that his camp is not making any excuses for the loss. It’s also commonplace in the UFC for a dominant, proven champion to get an immediate rematch for the title if they weren’t quickly finished in one-sided fashion in the fight where they lost the gold. With that being said, coupled with the fact that there is no clear contender otherwise, the immediate rematch should happen.

If you look around the UFC’s current 185-pound landscape with Michael Bisping fighting Anderson Silva, I believe the division will shake out. At this point in time, Weidman vs. Rockhold II is the right fight. I have stated immediate rematches should be over, but this fight provides the most interest, is the most logical in terms of who has the best argument for a shot at the title, and is likely the one that will deliver the best at the box office.

I am guessing the winner of the Bisping-Silva fight will earn the next shot after Weidman’s rightful rematch. Both Bisping and Silva have the “clout” to demand a shot. The fact that both are also at the end of their active fighting careers make them appealing to fans in a sentimental, nostalgic sense and is something the UFC will want to cash in on while the option is there. Also, don’t forget all the rematch possibilities between this foursome if certain outcomes play out organically in the Octagon.

It seems that in my opinion, Weidman will get his wish since UFC has not committed to Romero as of yet. Despite the beating Rockhold dished out, The All American has said he is back in training and is focused only on the product that Rockhold has studied for years at the American Kickboxing Academy (A.K.A.) gym in California.

Rockhold vs. Weidman II will be equally as marketable as their first fight, and in my opinion, will be more competitive this time around.

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