Monday, May 16, 2022

Cormier-Jones 2, Johnson-Cejudo Official For UFC 197 In April

Those who had a problem with the oblique kick Jon Jones has used in the past are going to absolutely hate what he’s working on in the gym these days.

Featured above is a video posted on Jones’ official Instagram page, which shows the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion working on a modified version of the kick with Mike Winklejohn.

“It’s a very controversial move,” Jones said, justifying his use of the kick in a past Fight Land segment. “But if someone was trying to give us brain damage, we believe it’s an even trade off to give him a little limp for the rest of his life. So try it out, guys.”

While the oblique kick is perfectly legal in the sport of MMA, it is a controversial move due to the potential instant and severe injury ramificationns that it could cause.

“Bones” will have his chance to test out the move when he attempts to recapture his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship, as he makes his Octagon return at UFC 197 against Daniel Cormier on April 23rd.

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