Tuesday, August 16, 2022

John McCarthy On Bellator 149: “MMA Is Not Just About Laying On Somebody Because You’re Tired”

Friday night’s Bellator 149 bout between Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 was widely mocked on the internet prior to the news of Dada’s heart failure after the match. Referee “Big” John McCarthy was recently asked by MMAFighting about why he didn’t stop the fight earlier. McCarthy explained that based on was was in front of him, he did not feel it was appropriate to stop the bout.

“There was never anything that landed that was hard,” McCarthy explained. “They didn’t hit each other with any hard shots. Look, there are people that paid money to see this fight. This is not just about you laying on somebody because you’re both tired. That’s your fault for coming into the fight in that condition.”

The fight was only the second time in his career that McCarthy stood the fighters up from a full mount. Kimbo won via TKO in the co-main event fight of Bellator 149, which was held in Houston, TX and aired on Spike TV.

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