Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Jones Responds To Liddell: “Maybe He Should’ve Fought Smarter & Saved Some Chin”

Following Chuck Liddell’s recent claims that he would’ve “given Jon Jones big trouble” if the two fought during his active career, “Bones” has responded via social media, pointing out his belief that a different “Chuck” would be a tougher fight at this point.

Jones took to Twitter on Thursday to respond to the UFC Hall Of Famer, who claimed during his recent appearance on “The Fighter And The Kid” podcast that he would be a bad style match up for “Bones.”

“Maybe he should’ve fought smarter and saved some chin,” said Jones in his initial response.

Jones added, “Maybe, definitely wanted to be decent with him, sucks his hate is shifting things is this direction.”

Those are only the two responses that have yet to be deleted. In typical “Bones” Jones fashion, the more flashly response only saw the light of day for a brief period of time. The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion also posted this one, pointing out that a different “Chuck” would be a tougher challenge.

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