Friday, November 26, 2021

Max Holloway: Give Jose Aldo & Frankie Edgar An Interim Featherweight Title Fight

Max Holloway has an idea for the UFC, seeing as Conor McGregor likely won’t be defending his featherweight championship soon. In an interview with, Halloway explained why he thinks there should be an interim featherweight title fight between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar.

“Things are kind of crazy in my division right now,” Holloway said. “Conor [McGregor] has the belt, and he may not be back at featherweight anytime soon. Both Jose [Aldo] and Frankie [Edgar] are saying they won’t fight again unless it’s for a title and that has created a strange situation. I pitched an idea of having an interim title fight against either one of those guys and doing the fight in Hawaii.

“We want an event here and why not do it big with a title on the line in the main event? Let’s put it on the line and may the best man win. When Conor gets done doing what he’s doing then he can come back and we can get the belt situation squared up, but why hold things up? Let’s keep it moving and do it in Hawaii.”

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