Bellator Needs Changes after Dada 5000 Scare

On Friday, Bellator 149 saw the historic return of Royce Gracie facing Ken Shamrock in a rubber match. Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 faced off in the co-main event in a clash of two well known street fighters. The event had mixed reactions and even a controversy of the main event where Royce Gracie won by 1st round TKO. Allegedly, Ken Shamrock was kneed in the groin before he was knocked out before the referee could even see it.

But the main focal point that should be discussed is Dada 5000 and the heart failure he suffered after his loss to Kimbo Slice. According to numerous reports and confirmed by Bellator, Dada 5000 was taken out of the cage in a stretcher after he lost due to exhaustion.

He had severe dehydration and high levels of Potassium after the bout. Dhafir Harris’s family put out a statement that suggested that his extreme weight cut could have been the culprit for his heart failure. Harris is in stable condition now but this is a serious wakeup call for Bellator.

Scott Coker has made no secret that he wants to put on fights that fans want to see.

“We want to put on the most entertaining events possible for you,” Coker said in an open letter to fans. “Our goal is to make every Bellator event big.”

Coker has gone out to make fan favorite fights such as Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock and “King Mo” vs. Rampage Jackson. But Friday saw what happens when things do not go the way they should have.

Dada 5000 had no place to be fighting in a sanctioned MMA fight. His last fight was five years ago and is mostly known for his street fighting credentials. He came in at the heavyweight limit of 265 pounds and clearly showed his fatigue and novice MMA experience inside the Bellator cage. Joe Rogan went to Twitter to call his bout with Kimbo Slice, “the worst fight i’ve ever seen.”

By the mid-way point of the 2nd round, both Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 were exhausted. Both fighters did not have much left in the tank. This is not the type of fight that fans should be seeing on national television. Mixed martial arts should be a display of incredible athletes and their incredible skills.

We did not see many skills or forms of martial arts from Slice and Dada 5000. It was a ‘street fight’ as advertised and saw one fighter suffer a serious medical condition. There is a platform for street fights and sloppy backyard fighting called YouTube. But national television should be a display of true forms of martial arts.

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