Wednesday, December 1, 2021

UFC Brass Considering McGregor vs Diaz 2 at UFC 200

It is no secret that the cash brought in for UFC 196 was record breaking and this was greatly improved during the last 10 days by McGregor vs Diaz. The two adversaries seemed to work well together feeding of one of another hyping the fight.

Because the response and buzz created by that fight coupled with the fact that these two men both fought hard giving and taking shots during there 2 round meeting, don’t put it by Dana White and company to set that rematch up for UFC 200. No other fight would grab more attention and cash than these two stepping into the octagon again.

The UFC said they have other plans for RDS while Nate stated he did not want to fight at his brothers weight and take his fights. This leave Diaz available and guess who. The UFC seems to be dragging their feet on matching McGregor and it all makes sense.

The UFC loves to make money as does Conor McGregor. Both are too smart to leave that on the table. The fight would be at 155lbs and both Diaz and McGregor would have full camps. This one would be the official fight between the two versus the circus show that they put on last time. This fight also could decide a lot about the direction the weight class will go in the future. The winner of this would be first in line for a shot at the UFC strap at 155lbs.

I just don’t see Conor getting very excited about fighting Aldo again where he would have to carry the card and create the drama between the two. Frankie Edgar is just boring and I doubt McGregor can even make him interesting.

This is why I believe everything adds up for the Rematch. The money is there as well as the interest level. Both fighters seem eager to do it again so why not ? Who cares about belts ect. The people want to see a “fight” and these two will deliver, Then throw in Justin Bieber and it’s a total spectacle which only sells more tickets.

Let’s all just sit quiet and wait for the line ups for UFC 200 and I bet you will see those two facing off again. We can all agree that we want more and 2 rounds was not enough to put that bout to bed. It seems there is more to settle and I would be first to buy my ticket.

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