Friday, June 25, 2021

Daniel Cormier Reacts To Jon Jones Posting And Deleting Insulting Tweets

If you ask UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, he is starting to notice a pattern as it relates to Jon Jones‘ use of social media.

According to D.C., Jones is like a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” type of person when it comes to tweeting. He explained when asked about the recent Jones posted — and quickly deleted — which referenced a quote from Cormier claiming he was “willing to die” in the rematch with Jones, only to pull out of the fight due to an injury.

“My thing is this: when you look at the times that he tweets, it’s almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” Cormier said during a recent appearance on The MMA Hour at “In the day, Jon is one person. Then at night, he’s a different person. I think when he’s alone in the middle of the night is when he’s actually just himself, and then he writes stuff like that.”

Cormier continued, explaining why he feels people are giving Jones more credit than he deserves in terms of being a “clever” social media user.

“I have seen that 100 times from fans writing that to me when I had to pull out of the fight,” Cormier said. “So it tells me that [Jones] is being himself, but it also tells me that he’s up reading tweets and he’s taking these people’s stuff and kind of using it.

“I think at times we give Jon a little more credit for being more clever than he really is. I think he stumbled across this whole posting tweets thing. He was deleting them because he thought he’d get in trouble, but now it’s become kind of a thing so it seems clever. Some of the things he says seem clever, but I think he kind of stumbles across it. He’s obviously not the smartest guy.”

As noted, Cormier pulled out of his scheduled UFC 197 rematch against Jones, making the new main event of the show Jon Jones vs. Ovince St. Preux for the interim UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. UFC 197 takes place on April 23, 2016.