Friday, August 19, 2022

Fabio Maldonado To Appeal Controversial Decision Loss To Fedor Emelianenko

After his controversial majority decision loss to Fedor Emelianenko at the EFN 50 event in Russia this past weekend, former UFC contender Fabio Maldonado has apparently changed his tune regarding how he plans to handle everything.

Maldonado spoke shortly after his loss to Fedor, explaining why he felt he shouldn’t have lost the fight, and at the worst, should have had a draw with the MMA legend.

Later in the weekend, Maldonado’s manager, Stefano Satori released a statement to regarding their plans to appeal the majority decision loss ruling:

We’re very happy with Fabio’s performance, he made everything right inside the cage. One of our main goals was to show the world the fighter he truly is and what he can do when he is 100% focused, and we did that. But we went there focused on winning and we feel like the judges took that away from us. The promoters didn’t agree with the result and most of the fighters who were there also think the result was strange.

Round 1 was clearly a 10-8 for us, Round 2 Fedor got a close 10-9 and round 3 was very close but we think Maldonado got the better shots. It was a least a draw, and we will appeal to Russian MMA Union to review this result.

For highlights of the wild Fedor-Maldonado fight, click here.

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