Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Alexander Gustaffson Talks At Length About Jon Jones’ Ongoing USADA Issues

While many in the MMA community have chimed in on Jon Jones‘ ongoing USADA issues, which resulted in his being pulled from the main event of arguably the biggest UFC event in history, one person fans have yet to hear from is the guy who gave “Bones” his toughest test to date, Alexander Gustafsson.

Jim Edwards of FloCombat recently caught up with the UFC’s biggest Swedish superstar this week, who spoke out about Jones’ ongoing USADA issues.

“I think he is one of the best fighters in the world, but ‘Greatest Of All Time?’, no not for me. There have been, and still are, so many good fighters and I think Jones still has more to prove, especially now after what has happened,” said Gus.

While Gustafsson will wait to see how things unfold with the Jones case, he does feel this situation could have some big ramifications.

“Obviously, I think that if it’s proven that he has been cheating, he should definitely be suspended. The sad thing for me is that if he does have to sit out two years, then I’m not sure if he will ever be able to come back?

“Even if he does come back, he will never be able to erase the ‘cheater stamp’. Once you are caught, you can never wash that away.”

As the talk of the topic winded down, Gus also pointed out how it doesn’t matter if Jones was “juicing” when they fought in the past, as he still feels he won that fight.

“Whether he was juicing or not when we fought it doesn’t matter. I believe I won that fight and if we meet again, I know I will beat him again.”

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