Monday, December 5, 2022

Exclusive Interview with W.S.O.F. President Ray Sefo: Talking Past, Present, and Future

On an average day President of World Series of Fighting Ray Sefo sifts through dozens of e-mails, takes numerous phone calls, and sits through hours of meetings.  The e-mails from current fighters, trying to give good reason on why they should headline the companies next card. The calls, from managers trying to get their fighters a chance to compete in one of the Top 3 MMA organizations in the United States. Every day Ray is in the office, working hard, doing everything in his power to make W.S.O.F. as big as it can be. Same as Scott Coker of Bellator or Dana White of the UFC. Same as role in President, but totally different in his understanding of a fight and fighters mentality.

Before becoming President of W.S.O.F. Ray Sefo was one of the best Kickboxers in the world. Fighting the “Who’s Who” list of competitors. Big names in Kickboxing and MMA alike. From Ernesto Hoost to Mark Hunt, Ray has fought the best and at 45 years old. He may not be done yet, “…It just has to be the right fight. There is no point in me fighting a fight that doesn’t make any sense. In other words, if Cro Cops team called up and said, ‘hey would you like to have a rematch with Cro Cop?’ that makes sense to me, ya know what I mean?…”

In this exclusive interview we got to talk to Ray about everything from childhood, to fighting, to his thoughts on all of the hot button topics in MMA today. Listen and discover how Ray continues to work on his transition from one of the best fighters in the world to one of the most powerful sports presidents in the world.