Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Michael Bisping Calls Georges St-Pierre “A Little B*tch”

When Georges St-Pierre called out Michael Bisping for a UFC Middleweight Title shot in his first potential fight back inside the Octagon, he was one of many to challenge the new 185-pound king. This week, GSP got somewhat of a response from “The Count.”

Bisping spoke on “The Countdown on SiriusXM Rush” on Thursday and addressed St-Pierre’s call-out. He also blasted the former UFC 170-pound champion for walking away from the sport because of the growing performance-enhancing drug (PED) issues.

“I have nothing against Georges St-Pierre apart from the fact that he retired from the sport and was like, ‘No, I can’t do it because people are taking performance enhancing drugs.’ Well guess what, they were and they’re getting caught. But if you’re a man, if you’re a fighter, if you’re not a little bitch, you’ll still continue to take those chances and try to beat those people. You won’t run away to the shadows and disappear because you think you can’t compete. I’m not the coward. I’m not the coward that needs to takes steroids to compete with these guys. And I would have thought that Georges St-Pierre was man enough also to have the same attitude.”

While Bisping appears to be most interested in fighting Dan Henderson next, in a long-awaited rematch of their UFC 100 fight, which Hendo won by way of vicious highlight-reel knockout, he also made it clear he has no problem calling GSP out for his second title defense.

“Just for the record, I will call GSP out. I’ve got somebody in mind for my next fight and when that’s taken care of, if GSP’s man enough and he wants to step on the dotted line and fight, I will happily fight Georges St-Pierre.”

H/T to MMAFighting.com for transcribing the above Michael Bisping quotes.<

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