Sunday, August 7, 2022

Report: UFC Executive Gets In Touch With Hunt After His Candid Comments On Monday

While he’s probably still about $2.5 million shy of his, well, $2.5 million demand of getting Brock Lesnar’s entire purse for their fight at UFC 200 after finding out that Lesnar tested positive for banned substances twice before heading into the Octagon on July 9th, he apparently did get the attention of UFC brass with his extremely candid comments on Monday.

Hunt, who spoke completely unfiltered about his thoughts on the ongoing situation during his appearance on “The MMA Hour” with Ariel Helwani (more on that here), reportedly received a call from UFC’s Vice President Of Athlete Health & Performance, Jeff Novitzky, likely as a result of Hunt’s heated comments this week.

“F*ck that company. They’re sh*t,” said a heated Hunt to Helwani during their live interview at “They’re f*cking worthless scum. F*ck the UFC. You’re sh*t. You motherf*ckers don’t look after nobody.” wrote the following regarding the reported conversation between Novitzky and Hunt this week:

“A UFC official told that Vice President of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky had ‘a lengthy conversation with Hunt’ on Monday and that dialogue was ‘positive.’

According to the official, the conversation was to ‘address Hunt’s concerns with Lesnar’s potential anti-doping violation, as well as the results management process related to the case.’

In response to Hunt’s concerns regarding the time frame in which the UFC knew of Lesnar’s potential violation, the official adamantly denied any knowledge prior to July 9.”

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