Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Chael Sonnen Says His USADA Test Results Came Back “Basically Clean”

Well, apparently the results are in for “The American Gangster.”

The pride of West Linn, Oregon, Chael Sonnen, noted that he was considering a MMA fighting return now that he has served his NAC suspension. The only hang-up? Whether or not he passes the mandatory USADA tests that all retired fighters must take when they make their return to the sport.

Unless, of course, your name is Brock Lesnar.

Over the weekend, Sonnen, who has been keeping busy as an ESPN analyst and podcast host, indicated on social media that he has gotten the test results he has been waiting for.

As Sonnen explained, he was only considering a UFC return if he passes the USADA tests. As he put it, if he passes them right now, then whatever supplements and anything else he is taking that he needs to take will be okay to continue taking if he were to make a return to the fight game.

In typical Sonnen fashion, there is some reading-between-the-lines that must be done to figure out how those test results came back, but it appears we have our answer.

On Friday, Sonnen took to his official Twitter page to comment on his USADA test results.

When asked by a fan, “How did the test results go?” on Twitter, Sonnen simply replied, “Basically clean.”

While it’s purely speculation, one would assume that “basically clean” means his results didn’t come back clean, but whatever he is taking that would come up on USADA tests is seemingly something he doesn’t absolutely need.

Then again, it’s quite possible Sonnen is just being a goofball like always. One thing seems pretty likely — he got his test results back and there was an issue of some kind, hence, “basically clean.”

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