Saturday, December 4, 2021

Get To Know Your Valor 37 Headliners: Jesse Grun & Eryk Anders

This Saturday August 27th, Valor Fights 37 takes place at Cleveland State Community College in Cleveland, Tennessee. The main event pits the hometown prospect Jesse Grun (3-2) vs former University of Alabama LB and undefeated prospect Eryk Anders. Both men have a ton of respect for one another, but are prepared to do whatever it takes to bring home the victory on Saturday night. The card starts at 5pm CST and can be seen live exclusively at

Jesse Grun is your every day guy doing whatever it takes to follow his dreams and become one of the best MMA fighters in the world. He balances life at home, a job outside of fighting, and the pressure of fighting this weekend in front of his hometown. “…It’s a good pressure. It’s more of jut excitement. There is a lot more people attending. A lot more people want your attention…”

Eryk Anders went from knocking the ball out of a defenders hands in the National Championship game to knocking Middleweights out in the cage. At 4-0 Anders is still young in the sport, but is ready to take it to Jesse Grun on Saturday. “I’m very confident in my abilities to get a finish. Jesse is a very tough guy. I’ve seen him take some punches from some very skilled strikers. I think he is looking to grapple more than he is to strike….however the fight comes, however it goes. I’m quite confident in m abilities to get a finish.”

Both of these guys define, in two totally separate ways, what it is to be an MMA prospect. Two very different roads have led them to Saturday night, but that’s what makes this sport so great. This Saturday we get to see the football star and the every day guy get locked in a cage for 15 minutes and see who is ready to take the next step towards MMA stardom.

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