Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Jon Jones’ Coach: “No One Beats Jon Jones But Himself”

Mike Winkeljohn doesn’t get as much publicity as his co-partner in New Mexico, Greg Jackson, but he is equally as important.

And Winkeljohn isn’t afraid to speak his mind, either.

Appearing on a recent edition of “Submission Radio,” the coach discussed his reaction to Jon Jones and the UFC 200 ordeal.

“Oh I was pissed off at that situation in that he’s gotta be careful. We’ve gotta be careful. Everyone’s gotta be careful,” he said. “Everything you put in your body, no matter who gives it to you, you can’t just take whatever, because you never know what’s in there, what it’s tainted with, what’s going to come up on a drug test. And I don’t think he would have done anything out of the ordinary to try to do a performance enhancer type situation, but what’s going on is apparently something’s tainted and hopefully that’s what’s going to come out here soon and then hopefully all this bad talk about Jon Jones will start going away and we’ll get him back to fighting.”

While Jones faces the prospect of a two-year suspension, Winkeljohn still believes we can see the best “Bones” yet.

“Oh no. You know what, assuming he doesn’t get distracted on time off – and what we’re talking about is just hypothetical. I don’t know how much time off, so I’m not sure if I should even worry about that at the moment,” he said. “I’ve always said no one beats Jon Jones but himself. That’s it. And he’s got many, many years to keep going and figure this out if he’s got the opportunity to and if it turns out that he’s able to.”

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