Thursday, August 18, 2022

Nick Diaz Accepts Tyron Woodley’s UFC 202 Challenge, But Doesn’t Need To

Nick Diaz is now cleared to return to MMA after serving a suspension handed down from the Nevada Athletic Commission.

And he already has a potential fight lined up.

New UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley called out Diaz for August 20 and UFC 202, and the former title contender is more than willing to meet him – under a certain guideline.

“If they make me an offer I can’t refuse,” Diaz told TMZ. “But I doubt that’s going to happen. I’m over here, look at me right now – I don’t need nothing. I don’t owe nobody nothing. I don’t owe anybody (expletive). I haven’t been fanatical about fighting since I was 15 or 14, since I was eight years ago.

“Once I turned pro, I was like OK, this is not fun and games now. This is me. I’m going to come and I work on karma. I’m not going to go after somebody if I don’t have a reason behind it, so as soon as there is some sort of a reason for me to do something that I need to do, then I’ll do it. Nobody’s done what I’ve done in this sh*t. It just hasn’t happened yet.”

Diaz, who is now 32 years old, is a former Strikeforce champion. His last official win, though, came in 2011 when he scored a decision over BJ Penn.

Nate Diaz, Nick’s brother, is set to headline UFC 202 in Las Vegas vs. Conor McGregor.

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