Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Nick Diaz: Buy My UFC Contract And I’ll Fight In Boxing Instead (Video)

As noted, Nick Diaz is no longer suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission, enabling him to start thinking about his return to the fight world. If you take his latest interview as evidence, however, he seems just as interested in boxing as MMA.

Diaz spoke with ES News (see above), and claimed that while he is under contract with the UFC, if someone were to buy it out from the boxing world, he’d be just as happy inside the boxing ring as he would inside the UFC’s Octagon.

“You gotta talk to Dana White,” said Diaz. “Get one of these guys to buy my contract or something and we can make a run but of course, I’m with the UFC so I can’t. I’m not doing no fights this year unless somebody wants to negotiate something.”

On the subject, Diaz concluided, “But otherwise, hey yeah, like I said, these guys buy my contract we’ll be fighting out here all day. Everybody gets paid, we’re happy.”

H/T to MMAMania.com

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