Friday, December 3, 2021

Exclusive Interview With Shamrock FC 275 Headliner Mike Brazzle

In July of 2012 Mike Brazzle was one of the top prospects in the MMA community. He fought and defeated Alex McKinney by TKO, bringing his record to 3-1. Finishing all of his fights and his only loss coming via an illegal strike. A fighter on the brink of a great MMA carreer, potentially bound for the UFC. Then he found out he was going to be a father. Mike did what a man should do. He pressed pause on his dream and focused on being a dad to his new born daughter. Now his daughter is a little older, Mike is a little wiser, and the Brazzle family is ready to get back on the road to MMA greatness at Shamrock FC 275.

Listen to Brazzle talk and you can hear the maturity in his voice. Feel the confidence of someone who has been knocked down by life and does what a man should do, gets back up. Refusing to give up on the sport he loves. “….There is really no reason form me to not reach full potential now. The last four years were pretty tough. When I walked away I was kind of more of a boy. Now I am coming back as a man. With more life experience. Been through some tough things. Made me emotionally and mentally stronger, more stable…”

Brazzle’s story is that of the modern day Rocky. A story of never giving up and doing what you have to do as a man for you and your family. Listen to the full interview to hear about the pressures of fighting with kids, his favorite Netflix series, and his favorite fighters in the UFC today. Mike fights Aaron Highfill at the Shamrock FC 275 event this Friday, September 9th in St. Louis, MO.

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