Friday, December 3, 2021

McGregor Arm-Wrestles Yung Skeeter, Katy Perry Refs; Each Has Different Opinion On Who Won

Apparently Drake and U2’s Bono weren’t the only two Hollywood A-listers that UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor rubbed shoulders with over the weekend.

In addition to attending the Drake concert in Los Angeles, California and meeting up with the rap star backstage (photo here), “The Notorious” one appeared in photos alongside rock legend Bono (view here).

Now, photos are making the rounds of an arm-wrestling match that McGregor took part in against music artist Yung Skeeter, formerly known as D.J. Skeet Skeet, with pop star Katy Perry serving as the referee.

The photos and subsequent media coverage prompted all three parties to comment with each other on social media. A fan sent a tweet that was re-tweeted around by the celebrities, with McGregor claiming Skeeter was “light work” in a tweet he sent to Katy Perry.

Meanwhile, Skeeter seemingly jokingly claims to have had a good showing, as he replied by tweeting, “*Tears off shirt pretending I’m at weigh in but actually in my room* DO I UPLOAD THE VIDEO FOR THE PEOPLE?!” For her part, Katy Perry simply wrote, “It was rigged from the get.”

You can check out the photo that has been making the rounds, as well as the interaction between McGregor, Skeeter and Katy Perry below.

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